The challenge

Design and manufacture an Advanced Epifluorescence Device (DEA in Catalan order) capable of capturing IFA samples unattended in up to 96 wells in less than 80 minutes. The device should operate at high magnification with a 40x/0.75 objective and utilize FITC BP LED fluorescence..

The solution

Fully Optical Epifluorescence System designed to capture mosaics of 48 images for each well (with a diameter of 3mm), using a Fluorita 40x/0.75 objective and FITC for IFA samples. The focus and XY stage have been developed with a Closed-Loop Stepper Motor Controller, ensuring an accuracy of 0.5µm for each axis (X, Y, and Z)..

Finished Prototype of DEA

The results

This prototype enables the saving of significant technician time and produces better images compared to using objectives with lower numerical apertures, such as 20x/0.5..

DEA DataGet Capture App

Images Captured with DEA Device

100ms exposure time 16Bit Raw capture and added Green LUT to show the images.

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