The challenge

Reliably reproduce the experiment of Andre K. Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, researchers at the University of Manchester, on the two-dimensional graphene material and which was deserving of the nobel physics prize of the year 2010. The challenge was to design a system to observe the natural graphene sheets that are presented within a graphite stone.

The solution

Development of a three-axis motorized optomechanical system that allows the observation of the graphene exfoliated layers of a graphite stone. The user can see the image of the real graphene structure through a microscope and enlarged through a monitor.

The results

The experiment can be considered unique in the world, since no museum has among its activities a system that allows its users to observe the real graphene, as presented in nature, through an interactive module adapted for all public This system is currently exposed in the permanent room of the universe room of the CosmoCaixa museum in Barcelona.

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