SimpleXYZ App SmartScopeLite

SimpleXYZ SmartScopeLite

Winkoms have developed the motorized solution, software and hardware, of the SmartScopeLite for

  • Motorized image capture system. It has the capacity for up to 2 sample holders (75x25mm) per sample holder.
  • Works with all microscopy techniques (transmitted light, epifluorescence, and materials).
  • The system use autofocus algorithms and captures mosaics in arrays of images (3 axes X, Y, Z) without a limit on images.
  • The software will generate the panoramic tiles images with a square spiral movement algorithm.
  • All tiles can be Stitched easy with Fiji or Microscoft Image Composite Editor.

1GigaPixel Microscope Image Obj 20x/0.4

Mosaic Image Captured with SimpleXYZ Motorized Stage
Processed with Microscoft Image Composite Editor from Array of 17x17x3  total of 867 images
Microscope iScope
Objective 20x/0.4